LL arch

LL Architect & Designer

SHOALight Fixture 
Material & Detail Course/ Chalmers University of Technology / Röhsska Museet

WHO: Lorenzo Lanzani, Constance Lieraude, Andreas Lindahl, Javier Sota Perez
HOW: Stop Motion_Windows Movie Maker
CAMERA: Canon EOS 650D + Tripod
Nr. PHOTOS: 1450
SOUNDTRACK: Flash of Light by Black Boots

LivINg Bicocca 
Temporary Urban Furniture Design / Politecnico di Milano

WHO: Giulia Costa, Lorenzo Lanzani, Anna Longoni, Laura Mecchina
HOW: Stop Motion-3D Studio Max+Hand Drawings+Windows Movie Maker
CAMERA: Sony Alpha 100
Nr. PHOTOS: 1250
SOUNDTRACK: Allen Neu by Peter Fox

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