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Fragmented Continuity / March 2014

The vision for the future of a post modernist urban design city, Halle Neustadt.

Group Project / L. Lanzani - A. Hocke - E. Jacobsen - K. Sadomska -  P. Urbanczyk - L. Verschelden

Concept of BARCODE

step 1 / Learning Center

step 2 / Connectors

step 3 / implementations

Image of one of the Connector

masterplan Ha-Neu 3.0 / 2030

International School & Learning Center

sections and axonometry example of the green connector between the buildings

winderland / March 2013

experience park in Göteborg archipelago

Group Project / L. Lanzani - C. Vermeiren - K. Zdrodowska

Sketch of the intervention





wind analysis model

two examples of the park experience

Contemporary Medina / January 2013

Marrakech Urban Development

Group Project / L. Lanzani - E. Alexandrov - G. Lavagna - M. Paterlini


Sketch of the Medina

Sketch of the Library
Diagrams of the areas

Ground Regeneration/July 2012

Saline Joniche Vision

Group Project - L. Lanzani - R. Giovannini - L. Mecchina

Masterplan 2020

Steps or Phases

Pantano Vision

Industrial Regeneration

LivINg Bicocca / March 2012
selected as 1 of the best 28 of roma design lab contest

Urban Regeneration

Urban Temporary Regeneration of Gregotti Deisgn in Bicocca

Group Project / L.Lanzani - G.Costa - A. Longoni - L. Mecchina

Vision of the Tram Stop

Urban Approach

Playground & BookSharing

Book Sharing Example

Relax & Ticket Seller

Relax Area Section

Detail of the Main Element of the "door"

Linear Green Magnets / January 2012

Milano Urban Fabric Voids Vision

Group Project / L. Lanzani - R. Giovannini - L. Mecchina



The main Elements

Inspiration Project by West8

Main Actors: Green Spaces, Water Canal, Green Lines & Clusters

Masterplan 2015

Cluster Action Masterplan

Vision of the Canal

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